JYM Supplement Science, VITA JYM, Sports Multivitamin Designed for Athletes, 60 Tablets

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THE ATHLETE'S MULTIVITAMIN: Just the right amounts of the right vitamins and minerals, designed specifically for athletes and others who hit the gym hard and expect results.
OVER 25 KEY INGREDIENTS: Vita JYM packs important micronutrients like A, B-complex, C, E and K vitamins, and iron, and chromium - all in adequate doses and in highly-absorbable forms.
QUALITY MATTERS: Vitamins A and K in particular are included in Vita JYM in their most effective forms - beta-carotene (A) and menaquinone (K2) - to deliver the best possible benefits.
MAXIMIZING ABSORPTION: Zinc, magnesium and calcium interfere with the uptake of other key micronutrients and amino acids in the body, so these minerals were intentionally left out of Vita JYM. The result is a net gain, not a loss. Vita JYM also includes BioPerine to enhance absorption of all ingredients.


Supported Goals: Heart Health, Immune Function, Joint Health, Mind, Energy, Recovery

What it is: Vita JYM is a high-potency multivitamin and mineral supplement designed specifically for athletes and active individuals to truly provide adequate amounts of the vitamins and minerals that are essential to hard-training individuals due to their higher requirements of these micronutrients coupled with a greater loss of these micronutrients from the body during exercise. This includes proper form and amount of beta-carotene (the safest form of Vitamin A), a full amount of chromium and selenium, as well as both MK-7 and MK-4 forms of vitamin K.

What sets it apart: Vita JYM is a multivitamin that gives you the truth on micronutrient uptake. The truth is that most people can NOT take a one-a-day multi if they expect to maximize the uptake and utilization of those vitamins and minerals and therefore the results they get in the gym and/or on the field. This is due to minerals like calcium, zinc, and magnesium that compete for uptake by the body with other vitamins and minerals. So those three minerals have been removed from Vita JYM and placed in other products. ZMA JYM provides the zinc and magnesium the body needs at the right time. And Pro JYM and Mass JYM provide 400 mg and 500 mg of naturally occurring calcium from milk, respectively, the best form of calcium you can get. Taken as directed, these micronutrients don't interfere with one another or other micronutrients and the uptake and utilization of all vitamins and minerals are maximized, as will be the results. In addition, Vita JYM includes 5 mg of Bioperine, which has been shown to enhance the body's uptake of numerous vitamins and minerals. Using JYM supplements in this manner, not only helps to get optimal levels of each micronutrient, but also helps to prevent supplying too much of any given micronutrient. For example, a multivitamin may provide 30 mg of zinc. If you took ZMA in addition to the mentioned multivitamin, you would be consuming too much zinc. Getting over 50 mg of zinc daily may cause issues. By removing zinc from Vita JYM, it not only enhances uptake of the other micronutrients (including zinc itself when taken at a later time as ZMA JYM), but prevents you from getting too much zinc.