Dark Ops Airsoft 11 Gun P2703G Sniper Rifle Package + Shotguns + Pistol + Tec9 SMG + Targets BBS

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QTY 1 - UKARMS P2703G Sniper Rifle (300 FPS) : Full Size 37 3/4 to 43 1/2 Inch Long with Bipod
QTY 2: D.O.A. Pump Action Shotgun with Riot Pistol Grip | 250 FPS Velocity | Pump Action Spring Power
QTY 2: D.O.A. Pump Action Shotgun with Stock | 300 FPS Velocity | Pump Action + QTY 2: Dark Ops Airsoft (D.O.A.) Pistol Model P338 | Spring Powered | 200 FPS Velocity | 9 Inch Overall Length | Polymer Construction
QTY 2: D.O.A. Mini Tec 9 Airsoft Gun + QTY 2: D.O.A. P1238 SMG Airsoft Gun | Spring Powered | All guns 6mm Standard Airsoft Bore Size
Includes: 40 Zombie Targets + 2,000 Rounds .12 Gram 6mm D.O.A. BBs + 10 Small Packets of Starter BBs (in each of the 10 guns)


At an average cost of just under $6 for each airsoft gun, you won't find a better deal! This is a great all inclusive package that includes eleven airsoft guns, over 2,000 rounds of ammo and 40 zombie targets. Jump on this economical airsoft gun package that is perfect for birthday parties, large families or the single player wanting to experience airsoft game play with several types of 6mm Air Soft guns.